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SaLuSa 11-January-2012

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Friday, October 26, 2012


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Greetings from the Federation:

Today we begin with a recitation of events which have led to this place, this time, this now.  We are here and have always been guiding you through these times. You have been expectant of things to come as you should. Time draws closer to the inevitable. There is much to do on your world and so little time to do it in.

The entire planet has been engulfed in a plasma field which has recently been activated and acts to keep in higher forms of vibrational energy while allowing darker, more heavy, and lower vibrations to leave unhindered. Once out, they cannot return. It is the beginning of the final phase of purification of your planet. One delay keeping this from occurring sooner was occasioned by your space station which was in an orbit too close to be unaffected by the operation of this field. An agreement has been reached to move this orbit so that the grid can be made operational without adverse affect to humans.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Greetings from the Federation:

While you may not believe so, there is much that is going on in your world toward the results that the divine plan has been anticipating for a long time. We are here to see you through these times of doubt and help you in your mission. We understand the hardship that your memory loss of who you are and where you came from have brought upon you. We care and we are here. While you may not understand all the actions and non-actions that have been played out on the world stage, we say to you that all is proceeding according to the plan that was put in place long ago and you are all on course.

Reports will shortly come into your media of a large shift in energy patterns on your world that have been measured and observed by your scientists. These shifts are part of the ever widening expansion of the energy lifting your world out of its entanglement. Pay particular attention to the degree to which these shifts have been noticed and you will understand the massive effects this energy is having on your world today.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Greetings from the Federation:

There is a great sense of hope developing on your world today as your collective thoughts focus on the arrest of the Illuminati and the restructuring of your financial systems. These are as have been intended. They are being played out all over your world in an orchestrated manner that would overwhelm you in its strategic development if you could know its depth and breath. We are here to speak about that which we can without jeopardizing actions already in play that you will see come to fruition over the coming weeks.

Prepare for great movements of information all over your globe that will focus those who are not in tune with what you have been accomplishing all this while. This will be the next, and greatest to date, mass awakening of individuals who have been asleep through the process thus far. This information will come from many sources, including your media, which has even now begun to unravel the Illuminati control about it. Truth is rolling over those that resist, and those who have always wanted this information to “get out” now see no impediment to their actions to make it so. This trickle will now become the floodgates of information that are a precursor to disclosure.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Greetings from the Federation:

Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her “assessment” that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Greetings from the Federation:

What more can be said about all that is transpiring on your planet today. We have told you about these coming events and how they will come rapidly and in succession. You are only now beginning to see the domino effect of all that will happen.

Shortly, leaders of many nations will meet secretly to discuss again the topic of disclosure which has been shelved in the recent past to attend to other issues and events considered more pressing by these individuals and their national interests. Now, however, disclosure again is on the “front burner” and will be discussed more aggressively among these participants. We, however, do not consider that their actions will amount to any change, as we have seen them “drag their feet” in the past. Several matters of concern have brought them to the table once again.

Alfredo lissoni

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alien interview


Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by :
Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

Ufo le verita nascoste - Alieni sulla terra doc completo

Tsunami of Love

RDThe Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization


World Bank chief backs launch of BRICS bank

Is ISIS A Crisis Or Some Kind Of Inside Joke?

President Poroshenko Uses RAND Corporation “Action Plan” for Eastern Ukraine

The Real Reason Homeland Security Exists


Washington Murders Countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media Makes Americans Compli

Saudi Arabia joiningBRICS? Abandoning the Petrodollar?

Cryptome claims all Snowden files will be published in July to avert a war

Aaroon Swartz

The zionism


Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI) – Update June 19, 2014

The Congressional Hearing Initiative has been rescheduled to launch right after the November 4 mid-term election. This rescheduling is primarily the result of new political developments and the proximity to the election. The political developments include the veterans medical care scandal, the Bergdahl prisoner swap and the Sunni insurgency spreading across Syria and Iraq.


The Ghost Writer: "This Storyline is Coming to an End"

China plans investment bank to break World Bank dominance

National Coalition will nominate Adel Abdul Mahdi for Prime

Bling for Minister Mastermind Greased Secret Turkey Gold Trade

june ufos

Snowden, The NSA and a Crime of High Treason

US Attempting Overthrow of Iraqi Government

Full text of Pope Francis' Interview with 'La Vanguardia'

World Currencies continue to rise and the dollar falls because of Iraq


Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI)


The Congressional Hearing Initiative is ready to launch pending the completion and shipping of the CHD DVDs to Capitol Hill. A new, relevant Open Letter to the President is ready for wider publication and previewed in Exopolitics Magazine, theWhite House Disclosure Petition VI is ready for submission to "We the People," a place to stay near Capitol Hill has been secured for the summer. The CHI email/tweet storm will be coordinated at.
Exopolitics Magazine
An outstanding new quarterly magazine has just published its first issue. Anthony Beckett, a leading exopolitical activist in the UK, is behind Exopolitics Magazine. PRG executive director Stephen Bassett has contributed an article which includes a preview of the pending Open Letter to President Obama to be widely published later this summer.


David P Crayford about Global Collateral Accounts and Banking Industry

BRICS countries to set up their own IMF

BRICS countries to set up their own IMF

Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar

Have you seen this new website?

Flight 370 Summary report All the important facts in one place.

Index of Hardcore Corruption and Resulting Tragedies

Benjamin Fulford - May 12, 2014: Lots ofchatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal

BRICS Gold Source and Belgium Bulge


Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar

House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This

Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason Friday, Dec


Project Camelot – Kerry Cassidy – Interview with White Hat Paladin and Mike Harris


George Soros sells all shares of Citigroup, Bank of America and JP Morgan

“Nuke cancer” from 9/11 revealed

Can cancer be stopped in its tracks? Even cured?

Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed

China Arrests Former CEO Of JPMorgan Asia

EMP attack on U.S. power grid could kill 90% of Americans,

Secret Weapon? Conspiracy Theories Abound as US Military Closes HAARP

New Report Exposes Fossil Fuel Front Groups Behind Attacks on Renewables

today's ufos

Mr ufo

2014 Worldwide Wave of Action: Arrest Dr. King’s killers: US government, media ‘leaders’

CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

ZP finalCut


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Subtitles in
English, Hungarian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish

karen hudes

The UFO Economy -

“Super National Intelligence Organization” Known As The “Five Eyes” Are Watching You

BOMBSHELL: Snowden downloaded entire roster of U.S. government

The Richard Dolan Show

prg video

UFOs Finally Turn Up in Documents Leaked by Edward Snowden

Posted by Greg at 13:04, 25 Feb 2014

UFO image from GCHQ powerpoint The Art of Deception

A number of people have asked, if there is a government UFO cover-up, why haven't documents relating to them turned up in the massive intelligence leak by Edward Snowden. Well, in a new document released at The Intercept, the new website devoted to publishing information about the leaks, the flying saucers have arrived. Though where they've turned up might be cause for concern for the Fox Mulder's out there.

That document is a Powerpoint presentation from the British intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), titled simply enough "The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations", in which three of the fifty slides are images of 'UFOs'. Unfortunately, there is no text related to the images, so there could be a number of reasons for them being included - from pointing out people's belief systems, through to them possibly being part of actual psychological operations (psy-ops). The only clue might be that the images are listed under a heading of "Influence and Information Operations".

ufos fev 2014

What Time is Around the World?

David LightEye UFO blog - click image

Temporary Temples




Telepathy Event - First Contact with ETs - Live!

Sunday, 7:00 a.m.
Sunday, 6:00 a.m.
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Los Angeles
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Memphis (TS)
Sunday, 12:00 a.m.
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Sunday, 1:00 a.m.
San Francisco
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Rio de Janeiro
Sunday, 3:00 a.m.
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Tel Aviv
Sunday, 8:00 a.m.
Sunday, 3:00 p.m.

descTelepathy Live Event - Begin

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ufo argentina

Four Prominent Bankers Found Dead Within Six Days, AllRuled ‘Suicides’, The Stock Market In Japan I

16 Mind-Blowing Facts About Who Really Killed JFK


ufo books

Basic UFO’s Books available for reading free online:

NICAP in its “The UFO Evidence” (1964) edited by Richard Hall remains one of the more respected pro-UFO publications.

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: Our New Heroes

Morgan Kochel

Conversation with
A Man Who Went to Mars
by Morgan Kochel

…And there you have it! This was the end of our discussion about the Mars mission, but I have remained in touch with Chad. At this point, I hope to be able to convince him to do a video or TV interview, but of course, there will be more than a few obstacles to overcome, the main one being that he may currently be in some danger if he goes public.

Furthermore, there is always the barrier of peoples' understandable skepticism.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity. My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.


Please Sign Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing

Anyone from any nation will be able to sign this petition:

We will win by our persistance!